Sunday, September 13, 2009

The actual fifth birthday

Ginger Rose turned five the day before some of us left for a trip to Perth, so it was a bit rushed! But she still enjoyed being a princess for the day in her special tutu from Grandma E, special crown from Grandma L and special toys from Briar Rose.
Grandma L was here ready to take over the household from 5am the next morning.

We gave her an electronic globe that has been getting a really good work out ever since, but mostly from the Little Prince - who loves to hear it talking back to him! At least Ginger Rose has got Northern and Southern hemispheres all sorted now...
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Ginger Rose is Five!

And her birthday party was only 3 weeks late. Oops! As you may notice, she's been hairdressing again, but thankfully only half a fringe this time!

She selected a local party room as her venue, and they had a lovely time dressing up as mermaids, painting plaster moulds, dancing the limbo and playing musical bops.

And eating cake, of course!

Siblings weren't really in the target age range for this party, but the Little Prince and Briar Rose came along to watch and take photos. It was a great party, and Ginger Rose has a large collection of Disney Princess dolls to remember it by!
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