Saturday, April 29, 2006

Wow - we really are getting FAT!!!

The obesity epidemic hadn't really hit me until I went shopping for some new clothes last night. I HATE clothes shopping, because it just takes so long to find something I like that I can afford, so when I got the Katies catalogue and liked what I saw I was almost excited.

Can you believe that I, an average sized woman with four children, fits their *smallest* size? Much as I'd love to think I'm slender as a reed, the mirror and scales tell me otherwise (and I'm happy as I am, despite needing a little toning in places!).

Just how huge must the general population be if I'm their smallest customer?!!! The next shop we dropped into was even worse - only about 10% of their range was available in my size with most styles starting the next size up :(.

I think there's a socioeconomic element because the more expensive clothes stores have clothes that are too small for me (and the "teenage" fashion stores definitely do!), but the less expensive stores are obviously catering for a growing population!
Katoomba for the day. I forgot my camera - an inauspicious start to blogging, but thanks to my father, we still have some photographic memories of our day in Katoomba.

A "family pass" at scenic world really is a family pass - two adults and all the kids between 4 and 16 (I think), so we did the works! We caught the scenic ride down to the valley bottom, where Ginger Ninja, Briar Rose, Bubs and I did the longer rainforest loop while Possum and Grandad took the short-cut via the coal mine.

Sadly, there were a *lot* of stairs to climb and I was very grateful to have Ginger Ninja along to help with the stroller!
We caught the world's steepest vertical railway up from the valley floor. I've caught it before with a baby, but each time it amazes me that there aren't more accidents with falling babies and/or strollers!

We took the glass bottomed cable car across the valley, then drove to Echo Point for photos.

As you can see, the children were enthralled and inspired by the scenery!