Thursday, March 12, 2009

Surfing Ninja

The Ginger Ninja has been mad keen to try surfing again after enjoying his first lesson on a school camp.
A trip up the coast with Dad seemed like a good opportunity.

I was initially sceptical, but apparently you can either surf or you can't. I can't. He can.

The instructor says he's a natural.

Textile and design...

This year for textile and design, Briar Rose learnt to use the sewing machine. This is her first project - a circle skirt. Grandma L provided a couple of lessons, then Briar Rose tackled the very very long hem (after attaching an elasticized waist band). The wrap around her shoulders was her own design from some fabric scraps.
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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Chrismas present from Great Auntie C!

Great Auntie C sent the children some money for Christmas, and we've been saving it for the right shopping moment. We decided to go to a character breakfast at the local factory outlet and shop for new linen for the girls' beds.
The girls were allowed to choose their own linen but decided they both wanted matching sheets and had no trouble choosing a pattern they both loved. I was anticipating having to conceal my winces while buying sheets covered with purple dinosaurs or Barbie, so pink roses on a blue background was a delightful choice!
Thank you very much, dearest C - and I'll update after the boys select their presents.

And in February...

Another busy month getting back into the school routine. Sorry I can't get the photos into chronological order...

Possum was invested as a House Captain, which gave us both a nice warm glow - first time I've had reserved front-row seating at a school assembly!
Suki grew faster than The Little Prince, but is still puppy enough to enjoy baby games in the sandpit. 
Ginger Rose had a "white" week at preschool, which I thought was asking for a serious parental  investment in bleach.
The Ginger Ninja finally had the cast removed from his right arm, but the plates will be in there for another six months or so. This means he SHOULD be careful with his arm...
Our favourite puppy visitor came to dinner. Hi Dufus!
I took a trip to Sydney so Briar Rose, The Little Prince and I could spend time with my mother, sister and nephew. These cousins are going to be great friends, I think!
Despite being sick, jet-lagged and teachign for a full day, Grandma E still put on a delicious dinner for us.
The Degas exhibition had a family activity room that was so wonderful we didn't bother seeing more than 50% of the actual Degas exhibition!
Even The Little Prince was encouraged to express himself artistically!
And Ginger Rose loved the opportunity to dress up as a ballerina or a jockey.
Briar and Ginger Rose started piano lessons. We're learning Suzuki and it's very slow going at the moment, but I hope once we get the knack of it we'll move a bit faster!
The Little Prince enjoyed taking Ginger Rose back to preschool. He's really very well behaved in the preschool room, and does a good job finding the puzzles that are most suitable for him.
This was the first day back at preschool. Ginger Rose was so excited to be back with her friends, and was very happy that last year's teacher was present to help them settle in for their first day with their new teacher.

So, we're up to date!

What we did in January

It's been too long between blog updates - life seems to be racing past just now! But looking back at January's photos, we really were particularly busy!
Probably the most visible change in January was to Ginger Rose's gorgeous locks. They disappeared. Dramatically. I cried.

And I was still finding the odd golden lock in the girls' bedroom weeks after. There were a lot of curls on the floor.

Briar Rose and I pulled out the sewing machine and the on-going quilt project.

We found a great new malted oat slice recipe that's perfect for lunch boxes.

Stewed and froze the garden surplus of silverbeet and tomatoes.

Played with play-dough.

Loaded five children and five instruments into the car each day for a fortnight's music camp in scorching hot weather.

And enjoyed plaster painting activities at the shopping centre while the big kids were away.
Lots more happened, but there's only so much space...