Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas carols 2008

Instead of singing Christmas carols this year, we played them! Grandma E was given a box of crackers with tuned whistles, so we formed an impromptu ensemble. Anybody actually recognise the carol?

Camera work by the Ginger Ninja.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Return to the garden

It's amazing how fast a garden grows in just a few days' absence. The Lemon-Tree-in-a-Barrel isn't doing too well - we had plenty of blossom, lots of fruit setting, but the lemons are all ripening at this ridiculously small size for the second year in a row. Any advice welcomed! The Barrel is also home to some rocket, coriander and strawberry plants.
Dh was keen to see if the zucchinis would keep growing while we were away - and they did. Unfortunately, they don't taste as good oversized (and I was careful not to say "I told you so" LOL). We'll still get our zucchini meal a week.
My home-made Earth Box is doing well, though I'm hoping it's not too late in the season for the zucchinis. They're planted in potting mix with additional dynamic lifter on the top, and will have plenty of water so if it's possible, they should just make it...
An overview shot of the garden, not showing the cucubit patch to the left. At this stage, most things are growing nicely though I'm late mounding the potatoes and leeks due to the garden supply store being out of cow manure for the entire season! I think we're going to have to bite the bullet and stick with some straw and chook poo.
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