Friday, June 29, 2007

Breakfast with the birds

If there's anything more idyllic than a full buffet breakfast on a tropical island, it's being accompanied by tropical birds :). Actually, the birds were a little too much - we lost a quantity of breakfast to them, and dh ended up with a nasty nip after a rainbow lorikeet was offended by being offered a finger to perch on.

Still - they sounded and looked just gorgeous, and the girls loved it!

Tropical island, day one...

Here's Briar Rose learning how to snorkel within an hour of landing on the island, then a happy snap from our hotel room before she and DH went for a snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef!

Sadly, the rain means visibility was down to about 2m instead of 10m, but they still saw plenty of fish and even some sea turtles.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Brave kitten!

Paint and Play was not for the faint hearted today, at a chilly 7 degrees (about 44 degrees f) with a brisk breeze. I hadn't anticipated the freezing weather (it was warm in our centrally heated house!) so didn't dress Ginger Rose or myself appropriately - she didn't notice at all, but I was crossing my legs and trying to tuck my hands under my arms within minutes!

I thought this kitten's visit was worth recording. What self-respecting feline would actually cross a road and voluntarily walk through a fence into a children's playground *full* of children?! This young cat was happy to be admired and stroked by Ginger Rose and her friend, but did have a playful attack and scratch that startled the children.

There are often young cats around the playground, and this is not the first time they've come to Paint and Play - but it still strikes me as bizarre behaviour for animals that usually keep a safe distance from toddlers!
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Injury time

Exhibit A: Briar Rose's now discarded tracksuit pants showing the marks where an errant firecracker blasted into her leg, leaving her with a small bruise, smaller burn mark, and lashings of sympathy from all and sundry.
Ouch - I think I fractured my toe a few days ago. It certainly felt like it. This is after some of the swelling and colour had retreated. It's not as bad as the toe on the other foot which was dislocated and fractured a few years ago, and I think I learnt some tips from that experience.

I made sure I stayed pottering around so nothing had a chance to stiffen up and swell too much, and I think it paid off - it's certainly healing faster than I thought it would.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fireworks weekend

We've had a wonderfully full house for this year's fireworks long weekend. My brother and SIL brought the childrens' two cousins to stay, and we had two other families join us for Saturday night dinner and fireworks.

It was a little chaotic with 21 of us trying to eat in the dark, but the weather was perfect - cold but not too cold, a gentle breeze to lift the whirling firecrackers, and a lovely fire in a brazier to take the chill off the air and bake potatoes in.

We had our first firecracker accident when Briar Rose set off a firecracker upside down, sending balls of fire hurtling in a 360 degree range. One hit her on the ankle, burning through her tracksuit pants and leaving her with a very minor burn, slight bruise and very wounded sense of dignity! She spent the rest of the evening curled up on my bed reading pony books with her cousin and another friend.

Briar Rose's other ankle was jammed in a door during a fast and furious game of 44 home today at lunch. My great aunt and uncle were visiting, and it was the perfect opportunity for Briar Rose to snuggle and feel comforted by my great aunt. I think it was worth the injury to see them having such a close time on the couch.

I was quite relieved when Briar Rose dropped a glass bottle of soft drink in the kitchen at dinner time, as we can relax a little now her three accidents are out of the way!
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Possum tries acupuncture...

We have a new acupuncturist working at the clinic, and let Possum try her out. We were hoping it would help him get some mental clarity, but it doesn't seem to be working! He received a diary warning for a playground dispute the very next day!

We also turned on the heating this week - Wednesday June 6th 2007. We would have left it off for longer because we were all enjoying the challenge (except Possum who was feeling the cold) but had guests coming for the weekend and felt a fridge-like environment might not be hospitable...