Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hitting the sales

What luck - our local op-shop had their end of winter clearance this week, so I had a great time shopping! They even threw in a lovely carry bag!
$13.50 bought me three pairs of trousers for the children (I'm particularly happy with the 50c black formal trousers that will fit Briar Rose perfectly for choir performances), fleece tops for both girls for next season, a shirt and jumper for moi, four warm snuggly tops for The Little Prince, two childrens' books and a small toy pony. Considering the books and pony cost $2 of the $13.50, I think that was great bargain shopping.

And will supplement my other less frugal purchases from Margaret River Hemp Co ...
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Spring is coming

It's time to get out into the garden again. Ginger Rose has proved an enthusiastic helper.
She was very good at looking after the Little Prince while I harvested our compost.
I was quite impressed with it. I'm getting the hang of this mucking around with dirt stuff!
Doesn't it look as though it should actually grow something? Nah - my black thumbs will take care of that, but with any luck we'll be one step further along the path to actual productivity in the garden.
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Friday, August 08, 2008

Ginger Rose's big day out

Ginger Rose had her own adventure with Dad last week. They went snow hunting.

Found a leftover snowman!
Climbed a mountain.

And discovered a dam they weren't allowed to swim in.

All up, a fun day in the great outdoors!
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Knitting up a storm

Grandma L visited recently, knitting up a storm and attacking the mending basket with gusto! The Little Prince has a new warm and snuggly outfit that's getting plenty of use in the Canberra winter! The second pair of leggings are a pair I recently finished in the gorgeous organic wool from the wonderful K. Thanks, K!
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It starts so tidily...

But indoor picnics really aren't an efficient method of putting food cleanly into the mouths of preschoolers and babies!
But at least it bought me enough time to take some embarrassing photos of my vegie garden for the Dig for Victory blog!
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Saturday mornings...

Gotta love them! Nothing like staying in bed as long as you possibly can. Actually, the Ginger Ninja has it down to an even finer art than the four little ones!
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