Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Totally undomestic

Again, the photos don't do the views justice - but the scenery really is magnificent. We drove up a rather scary dirt track to the treble cone ski fields. The lifts were closed due to rain overnight, but it was worth the drive for the outlook.
A rare joint photo from a kind fellow traveller.
The Little Prince is travelling forward facing for the first time, only because the car rentals didn't have an extension strap to allow us to install the seat rear facing in the 4WD. He is not really enjoying all the driving, but is overall very tolerant of being tossed in a car for hours at a time.
This was the road we travelled up the mountain. Not for the faint hearted.
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Domesticity in a strange land

I'm practicing my domesticity in New Zealand this week, thanks to the domestic genius of my mother and MIL who are holding the fort back home.

Unfortunately, the spectacular alpine views aren't as clear in photos as they are in real life.
After days of fun but formal meals with Dh's colleagues in Christchurch, it's been a relief to dine al fresco at home. The Little Prince has relished the opportunity to explore the grassy garden in between devouring french bread, hommous and a very nice brie! He wasn't allowed any bubbly.
He is remarkably blase about the stunning views that appear around every corner.
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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

After school bubbles

After a boring day at home with a slightly unwell mother, The Little Prince was ecstatic to find that Ginger Rose wanted to blow bubbles at him! They both had a lovely time. I got to sit in the sun and supervise.