Saturday, November 29, 2008

Garden update

Now that the camera has been re-discovered (hiding in my Ergo baby carrier pocket) I can do some more updates!
 I'm feeling quietly pleased with this year's garden. We've got just a few more shoots to eat off the broccoli (front) with a plant a day going to the chooks, the celery is a good strong colour and ready for eating and juicing, and the beans are finally flowering after good early growth then a hiatus.
I cut a potato into six pieces, hoping a couple would grow, and have been thrilled to find all six growing strongly. I've been building up the ground over them with mulch, compost and some cow manure so I'm hoping harvesting won't be too much digging.
And look - my first actual growing zucchinis! 
I'm feeling quite hopeful about the vine plot - I have flowers on rockmelons, mini-pumpkins and the zucchini, with strong growth from the butternut and jarrah pumpkins.
And the first blush from the boysenberries!

Friday, November 28, 2008

How's that little puppy going?

Suki takes it all in her stride! Ginger Rose has been unwell, so Suki has been snuggling with her on the couch.
The Little Prince has been feeling adventurous, so Suki has been happy to wrestle.
And a friend's Giant Schnauser was in need of company and exercise, so Suki was happy to oblige with a romp in the garden.
And the obligatory baby and puppy in a box shot - I just love watching them growing up together!
What a sweet puppy! She'll be even sweeter when she's fully toilet trained and has learnt to resist the chew-everything-in-sight urge! I'll be particularly grateful when she stops the juice box search and destroy missions!

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Cricket at the Christmas Picnic

Beautiful weather for an early Christmas picnic. An impromptu cricket match provided entertainment for all, with Briar Rose putting up an unexpectedly good showing, and Possum impressing us all by running into the "stump" at full bore and being brave with some spectacular injuries.
The Little Prince had a wonderful time exploring the food and drink.
Ginger Rose had a turn with the bat, but had more fun playing with a spare tennis ball and the puppy. There were plenty of leftovers from dh's birthday bash the night before, and as everybody brought generous quantities of food and drink, we all overindulged very happily.
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Monday, November 03, 2008

New chooks

Isn't it idyllic? Morning sunlight on a lush green lawn with a baby and our two newest chooks. The chooks are out of the henhouse because they're young, new and needed some space away from the big mean red hen who was previously bottom of the pecking order and is enjoying her promotion just a little too vigorously!
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Sunday, November 02, 2008

40th birthday present

What do you buy the dh who has everything for his 40th birthday? A puppy, of course! We decided to "rescue" a pound puppy, but ended up having to drive 2 1/2 hours to a suitable pound as Canberra residents are mostly responsible, and don't tend to have unwanted litters.

She's a dear little pup, but has been terribly sick. She spent much of today just lying around, which is so unlike the incredibly lively pup who chewed through a phone cable within hours of arriving! As the day progressed, she drank more water and perked up a bit. And tonight, she's almost lively and, much to our delight, started to chew toys that aren't hers!

By 8.30pm tonight, she was well enough that Ginger Rose was allowed a "hold". She has such a sweet nature that, even though she's clearly unwell, she doesn't protest or snap at anybody.
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