Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter 2009

We missed the Ginger Ninja, who was away camping with friends, for this year's Easter Egg Hunt but Possum did a great job playing Easter Bunny. And the girls did a great job hunting.
The Little Prince was quite unwell over Easter, but cheered up just a little for the Easter Egg Hunt. Sadly, he escaped without his shoes and got wet socks yet again.

This was the way he spent most of Easter - snuggled up to somebody big. Grandma E doesn't look as though she minds, and fortunately we have many hands for light people so his feet barely touched the ground for a good three days.

We did one of our periodic wardrobe tidies, and the Stitch costume was finally deemed too small for anybody but Ginger Rose who looks very scary and cute in it!
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Garden Soup

I decided to try making a meal out of just ingredients from the garden so pulled out some spring onions, potatoes and a couple of varieties of pumpkin.
I chopped them all up, then cheated by adding a store bought brown onion and a couple of stock cubes. After it was pureed to conceal the vegetable content, the family decided it was very edible. And it made a reappearance with a tin of coconut milk the next night to even greater acclaim.
The sheer volume of scraps from garden vegies amazes me and thrills the chooks, and is a good reminder of the wasted food we don't see at the supermarket...
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