Sunday, February 04, 2007

Comet fever

We all enjoyed watching McNaught's comet last month. It was visible to the naked eye from the end of our verandah, and very very pretty!

The more vertically challenged of us had to spend some time standing on the verandah rail, which was a little hair-raising, but it was such a treat to be able to see it so clearly from home! Posted by Picasa

Belated Christmas

We saved our English Christmas presents from November to share with Grandad D for a belated Christmas celebration but then ran out of opportunities to share them with him.

Instead, we had a Christmas celebration on the last day of Music School. It was great - with the hugest success being a CD of Postman Pat stories and songs for Ginger Rose. She listens to them as she goes to sleep, and has even been convinced to listen to them in the morning at 5am rather than getting up and running around the house! Posted by Picasa

Kindred spirits!

Briar Rose and Grandad D get on so well :). It probably helps that Briar Rose loves helping Grandad with his dogs, and that Grandad loves spoiling Briar Rose!

He often treats us all to a meal out at this fantastically cheap and cheerful restaurant which has become a family tradition on Grandad's visits. Posted by Picasa