Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Renovation red back!

The renovations are coming along well - there's plenty of dust and mess and the inconvenience of sleeping in the dining room but we're making progress and can see the final product emerging ahead of our anticipated schedule.
What I hadn't anticipated was the quantity of insects being disturbed and swarming into the house through screenless doors and windows. Briar Rose was not impressed with this speciman which she found under her hot water bottle (on the floor next to her bed).

She was very grateful to the Ginger Ninja for taking care of it. He needed the practice as he found one in his own bedroom later that night...
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My big boys bivouaced over the weekend. Fortunately in different units because otherwise their teasing each other may have had them court martialled. It was hilarious listening to them debriefing each other on the way home - I gather military discipline still leaves room for plenty of pranking!
My little boys are starting to interact with each other. The Last Baby was 11 weeks old yesterday and is turning into a real little chatterbox.
When the extensions are finished they'll be sharing a room. I predict a few too many late nights talking after lights out...

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Six weeks old...

The tummy tub is still a huge success! I love that it uses so little water that I can carry it around the house easily, then water the lemon tree afterwards!
Ginger Rose adores holding the Last Baby - sometimes sneaking in a hold when she's not allowed!
As you can see, the Last Baby is thriving and is a large chap for 6 weeks!
A gratuitous sleeping baby shot!
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