Saturday, July 17, 2010

Six months old

Everybody says it, and it's so true - time flies when you're having fun. Six months feels like the blink of an eye!

Briar Rose has discovered the joys of baby wearing, claiming that he weighs less in a sling.
The Last Baby is developing a personality. He's a bit cheeky and a whole lot of sweet! And he's totally sure that he's the centre of the universe.
We started solids right on six months old. To the day. So I didn't forget another milestone.
Mashed avocado. It seems that those baby experts who claim a teaspoon or so is all a baby will eat to start were wrong wrong wrong! I couldn't keep mashing fast enough ... and the whole apple I steamed on Day 5 planning to store a couple of serves from was devoured on the spot!
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Another tooth bites the dust

First week of the holidays
Second week of the holidays
She's grown fangs! Let's hope she has new ones by Christmas!
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Gratuitous Grandma Photo

We've had visits from all four grandparents these holidays, but I've only remembered to grab the camera once! This is THE gratuitous grandparent photo!
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A trip to the aviary

The big boys are in Sydney so we're playing tourists at home. Today we visited the local aviary.

They gave us plenty of apple to feed the birds with.

After a slow start, even the little guy started feeling brave enough to hand feed a lorikeet or two.
I didn't have any food so was surprised when I had a few birds come sit on my shoulder for a chat. We decided it might be my long hair - and after Briar Rose let her hair down as well, she was able to entice a few onto her shoulder as well.

Ginger Rose thought it was just wonderful! The little boys and I headed off to a playground leaving the girls on their own for an extra thirty minutes of bird play.

It didn't take long for Briar Rose to become very proficient at attracting and handling the birds. She really has a knack (probably gets it from her father) and was able to "share" birds with some of the other visiting littlies.

All in all, definitely a worthwhile place to visit!