Thursday, March 22, 2007

Briar Rose is 8!

Briar Rose celebrated her birthday with a small sleepover party. Here are the girls in the morning spraypainting with blow pens. Posted by Picasa

Just two families...

I took this photo of our two families (I'm behind the camera) after we hiked down to the falls you can vaguely see in the background.

It was a gorgeous rainforest walk, but I was feeling a bit uncomfortable after a taipan slid away from the path *after* Briar Rose and Ginger Rose had been running ahead of us!

And we might look like a large group, but it's going to get larger (we hope) in September/October when our next bublet is scheduled for arrival! Posted by Picasa

Lamington National Park

We loved visiting Lamington National Park, home of the Regent Bower Bird.

We were fortunate enough to meet most of the birds in the car park as we arrived, including the Regent Bower Bird. The bower bird surprised us all while we were feeding some other natives in the car park by flying down and taking food from Peter then Michael.

You can see the yellow blur flying away in the background of the second photo.

The strangler figs were magnificent, and in the middle of the treetop canopy walk the big kids and Michael were able to climb to the top of the tallest specimen to get a really good view of the top of a rainforest canopy.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Briar Rose's holiday

Here is the stunning view from our 39th floor luxury apartment - we were so spoilt!

Briar Rose had a week feeling like a princess as her bedroom contained a queen size bed, had ocean views and its own balconney.

I am pleased to report that she shows no interest in keeping reptiles, however she has drawn a comprehensive diagram detailing her plan to keep a chihuahua in her wardrobe and has dropped multiple hints about a puppy for her forthcoming birthday!
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A budding herpetologist...

We recently gained a new employee, who is a keen herpetologist, and Possum's caught the enthusiasm!

On our recent holiday, he very enthusiastically investigated all the reptiles he could find, and has decided to purchase a Bearded Dragon as soon as he can afford the equipment.

He is currently engaged in rather optimistically pricing all the unsecured items in his bedroom in an attempt to raise the necessary funds. As his eventual aim is to bring a python into the house, I'm not helping with the fundraising...

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Where have we been?

We've been in sunny Queensland for a much deserved family holiday! The children are holding a real live baby crocodile - poor thing had its mouth taped up, but seemed quite content to be posed.

We spent a week on the Gold Coast (with a couple of days spent at a chiropractic seminar for Michael and I while the children amused themselves in the resort pool!) then stayed with some friends for a couple of nights. Posted by Picasa