Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Toddler humour!

I found the Ginger Ninja sitting outside Ginger Rose's door waiting for her to wake up from her sleep because he was sure she'd hidden his book. When she finally awoke, Ginger Ninja asked her if she knew where the book was, and she shrugged her shoulders, raised her hands in the air and said "Why do-no" ("I don't know"). Ginger Ninja pretended to be heartbroken, and wailed "Nooooooo". So Ginger Rose said "Oh awight" and toddled off to retrieve it from underneath a pile of the Ginger Ninja's school books.

What a sense of humour!

Here's a photo of her today after Grandad had left his stereo unattended on the couch.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

No-knead bread

  • I've been trying to perfect the New York Times No-Knead Bread recipe, which is about the simplest recipe I've ever seen for bread!

    The stages shown here are the:
    1. original quick mixed dough with my previous loaf shown to the left of the bowl,
    2. dough after sitting for twelve hours,
    3. dough covered in plastic wrap ready to sit for 15 minutes, and
    4. dough tipped into the preheated so-hot-it-burns-through-the-oven-mits casserole pot.

    I've used spelt flour in place of regular flour which I think is playing with the moisture content (I've reduced the water, but need to reduce it further), and polenta for the crust, which works beautifully.

    I'll report back when this loaf comes out of the oven!
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Monday, November 06, 2006

Joy at the breakfast table

The children were just such happy campers that I had to grab the camera and share it with the world! As you can see, we're not exactly morning people.

Possum and Ginger Rose are our two bright sparks in the morning, the Ginger Ninja is generally slow to warm up then cheerful, but Briar Rose is shocking! She resists brushing her hair until the very last minute and mooches around the house in bare feet until it's absolutely positively time to leave the house!

Then she magically changes her attitude and becomes bright and bubbly again. "Oh, so I have to ask the front office to write "bad temper and slow" on my late note. Sure, Mum. I LIKE getting late notes at the front office". Argh! Posted by Picasa

Another school lunch

Week 4 Term 4 and Briar Rose is still going strong with the relatively healthy lunch box! We have:

* an organic fruit spread on home made selenium enhanced wholemeal bread,
* Cherry tomatoes garnished with a sprig of parsley,
* Rice crackers with cheddar cheese,
* Kiwi fruit with fancy pink knife/spoon, and
* Apple juice.

I know lots of people seem to think fruit juice is akin to junk food and devil worship, but I think it's a nice touch that helps keep the lunch box cold and provides a low GI energy burst.

Also packed with a blue serviette and a bottle of frozen water for cooling and drinking if the juice isn't enough!

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mums for Modesty

I really like this idea! If anybody else likes buying clothing that doesn't make their daughter look like a prostitute, please feel free to sign the Moms for Modesty affirmation here!

Briar Rose is tall and thin, and finding age appropriate clothing is increasingly difficult as she has just moved from the toddler girl sizes into the teenage girl sizes! Hipsters and crop tops are such a tacky look on a girl who still likes pretending to be a fairy - and don't get me started on the hunt for a pair of sandals that don't have heels, straps or spangly bits that get in the way of actually walking in them!