Sunday, June 22, 2008

A REAL family portrait

The divine Candice has done it again! No commentary should be necessary...

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New furniture!

We are very very grateful to Nana R and Grandad B, who upgraded their lounge room yesterday - and gifted us with a very nice cream leather lounge!
And look - it even fits the whole family (the Little Prince is asleep...). Perfect for a large family!
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All in the family

We're getting some real family photos taken tomorrow, which is very exciting (and more than a little stressful as colour co-ordinating seven wardrobes is just not looking possible!), but I thought I'd share some of this week's happy snaps. Starting with Ginger Rose reading to The Little Prince.
The Ginger Ninja being swamped by the little kids. He's been signing Ginger Rose into her preschool class for me once a week so The Little Prince and I can party hard at Kindermusik, and is impressing the other mothers with his responsibility. Lucky they can't see inside his utterly irresponsibly messy black hole of a wardrobe, and let's not start with the horrors of under the bed!
Possum bought his first brand new mobile phone this week, and has been driving us all crazy with different ring tones and attempts to take unflattering photos. I give him less than 24 hours before his father confiscates it. I give The Little Prince less than 48 hours to attempt to teeth on it...
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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Eight months old

And time is flying by! To celebrate, I bought The Little Prince his very own brand new AIO nappy from PandaBaby. And couldn't resist a marked down dressing gown to make his mornings a little snugger :).
This train is his favourite toy - he just loves capturing the giraffe. Then eating it. Thanks so much, K, it's given him hours of entertainment!
Chugga chugga away we go! And aren't those just the most chubbalicious legs?
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Carmina Burana

Ah - the Big Beer ad! Who could resist the chance to sing on stage with LOTS of percussion and a really loud song?! Sadly, it was a pretty chaotic week due to Possum's inability to bring home notes combined with his absence at school camp - I was only told 3 hours before the final rehearsal that he needed to wear black NOT his school uniform. So, he's borrowing my favourite black jumper!
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Cross country finals

Briar Rose made it through to the state finals for cross country. She was sick with a cough and cold the night before the race (sick enough to skip dinner at a favourite restaurant), so I didn't think we'd make it there - but she was determined!
She was the only girl from her school in her race, and we were a bit unsure about warming up (at the zone carnival the teachers warmed them up), but Ginger Rose kept her company and we did our best.
And they're off!
It was a fast race, and Briar Rose was well back but still ran well. Unfortunately, Ginger Rose distracted me so I forgot my camera for the finish.
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