Friday, July 12, 2013

Crochet blanket for a tall child

I thought I'd make a nice little lap rug for a small boy. Unfortunately I miscalculated my initial row, and now seem to be crocheting a rather large blanket for a king single bed. Both the teenage boys are in excess of six feet tall, so I suppose I can look on an extra long blanket as some sort of hope the smaller boys will also grow nice and tall some day.

I've been buying a ball of wool (Lincraft Cosy Wool) at a time, and have taken so long with this project that they're changing the colours so it won't match if I don't work faster!

I find the thought of having to sew up a project so unappealing that I am swayed to all-in-one patterns, but having to lug around this blanket may persuade me to consider reconsidering the value of a small piece of work!

We're away for a few nights this week, and I have high hopes of knuckling down and returning with a finished product.

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