Friday, August 22, 2014

Finished crochet blanket!

Time to update the old blog! Here's the finished blanket that I started over a year ago! Draped over the 18yo, who is a bit over six feet, so I think it's long enough for a throw rug :).

If the ends look a little uneven, that's because they are! The pattern is in multiples of seven, but I didn't calculate that well at the start, so found myself constantly increasing and decreasing on the ends to keep things even ... with only limited success!

If I say so myself, it's excellently warm and drapes nicely over three people sitting on a couch with a nice solid pure wool weight to it.

I can't find the pattern, but it's basically seven trebles, three trebles in to the next stitch, seven trebles, (YOH draw stitch through then draw stitch through two loops) in the next three stitches, then draw stitch through all loops on hook before starting off on the next seven trebles. It's a great pattern for keeping your hands occupied while chatting or watching TV.

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karen said...

Love it - the pattern and the colours. I find crochet so much easier than knitting to pick up and put down as time allows - and so much easier to rescue if you lose a few stitches!